1996 Cliometric Society ASSA Sessions

San Francisco

Session I: Saturday, January 6, 8:00 am Pacific Suite B

Perspectives on Historical Financial Markets

Chair: J. Bradford DeLong, University of California-Berkeley

Haupert, Michael (Wisconsin-LaCrosse) and Howard Bodenhorn (Lafayette): The Question of Note Issue in American Free Banks

Lothian, James R. (Fordham): Capital Market Integration and Exchange-Rate Regimes in Historical Perspective

Motomura, Akira (Stonehill): Political Institutions and the Spanish Monarchy's Finances 1521-1648

Triner, Gail (Rutgers): Banking on the Periphery: Brazil, 1906-1930

Discussants: Brad DeLong

Lance Davis, California Institute of Technology

Maria Christina Marcuzzo, University of Rome

Alan Taylor, Northwestern University

Session II: Saturday, January 6, 10:15 am Sierra Suite B

Political Economy of Institutions

Chair: Philip Hoffman, California Institute of Technology

Craft, Erik (Richmond): The Value of Weather Information During the Early Years of the Weather Bureau

Fishback, Price and Shawn Kantor (Arizona and NBER): The Adoption of Workers' Compensation in the United States, 1900-1930

Kiesling, Lynne (William and Mary): Self Insurance and Response to Industrial Downturns: Co-operative Societies and Able-bodied Assistance of the Non-able-bodied in Victorian Britain

Ziliak, Stephen (University of Iowa): The Contradiction of Compassion: Private Charity and the 'Solution' to Dependence

Discussants: Phil Hoffman

Joseph Reid, George Mason

Joan Hannon, St. Mary's

Randall Nielsen, Washington U

Session III: Saturday, January 6, 2:30 pm [Joint session with AEA] Sunset F

Micro Behavior and Large-Scale Macro Change

Chair: Samuel H. Williamson, Miami University

Carter, Susan (UC-Riverside) and Richard Sutch (UC-Berkeley): Fixing the Facts: Editing of the 1880 U.S. Census Of Occupations With Implications For Long-Term Labor Force Trends and the Sociology Of Official Statistics

Clark, Gregory (UC-Davis): The Political Foundations of Modern Economic Growth: England 1540-1800

Easterlin, Richard (Southern California): Is Economic Growth the Engine Driving Improved Life Expectancy?

Raff, Daniel (Pennsylvania) and Manuel Trajtenberg (n/a): Quality-Adjusted Prices for the American Automobile Industry, 1906-1940: Considering Cars as New Goods

Discussants: Robert Whaples, Wake Forest

Donald McCloskey, Iowa

Martha Olney, UC-Berkeley

John Nye, Washington U

RECEPTION: Members and Friends of The Cliometric Society Cocktail Party

8:30 - 10:30 pm Marina A

Session IV: Sunday, January 7, 10:15 am Sierra Suite B

Labor and Industry in Historical Perspective

Chair: William Hutchinson, Miami University

Kinghorn, Janice Rye (Washington U): Kartell or Cartel? Evidence from Turn of the Century German Coal, Iron, and Steel Industries

Nonnenmacher, Tomas W. (Illinois): Network Quality and Integration in the Telegraph Industry, 1852-1861

Rosenbloom, Joshua (Kansas): The Extent of the Labor Market in the Postbellum United States

Suzuki, Masao (Mills): Counting the Uncounted: Japanese Undocumented Immigration to the United States Before World War II

Discussants: Caroline Fohlin, California Institute of Technology

Alex Field, Santa Clara

Debbie Mullin, Bowling Green and Oberlin

David Mullin, Bowling Green and Oberlin