Papers at the 2012 ASSA Sessions

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Clio sessions

Organizer: Susan Wolcott (Binghamton University)

January 6th 10:15 am, Hyatt Regency, Skyway 265

Market Innovations in Historical Perspective

Chair: Maggie Levenstein (Michigan)

"Market Access and Information Technology Adoption. Historical Lessons from the Introduction of the Telephone in Bavaria," Florian Ploeckl (Oxford)

"German-Jewish emigres and U.S. Invention," Petra Moser (Stanford), Alessandra Voena (Stanford), and Fabian Waldinger (Warwick)

"Stock market development in Germany, 1869-1938," Carsten Burhop (Max-Planck Institute) and Sibylle Lehmann (Cologne)

"World Series of Patents: Quantification and Interpretation in the long run of history," Claude Diebolt (Strasbourg) and Karine Pellier (Strasbourg)

Discussants: Maggie Levenstein (Michigan), Caroline Fohlin (Johns Hopkins)

January 6th 12:30 pm, Hyatt Regency, Skyway 265

Historical Perspectives on Agriculture Markets

Chair: Sam Williamson (Illinois-Chicago and Measuring Worth)

"Why Europe and not Asia? Agricultural productivity and industrial revolution around the world before 1870,"Liam Brunt (NHH-Bergen) and Antonio Fidalgo (Lausanne)

"Moveable Feasts: a new approach to endogenizing tastes," Trevon Logan (Ohio State) and Paul Rhode (Michigan)

"The Cost of Railroad Regulation: The Disintegration of American Agricultural Markets in the Interwar Period," Paul Sharp (Copenhagen) and Giovanni Federico (European University Institute and Pisa)

Discussants: Greg Clark (UC Davis), Sam Williamson (Illinois-Chicago and Measuring Worth)

January 6th 2:30 pm, Hyatt Regency, Skyway 265

Financial History

Chair: Peter Rousseau (Vanderbilt) and Marc Weidenmier (Claremont)

"Did Doubling Reserve Requirements Cause the Recession of 1937-1938? A Microeconomic Approach," David Wheelock (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis), Charles Calomiris (Columbia) and Joe Mason (LSU)

"Optimal delay. Distressed trading in 18th c. Amsterdam," Peter Koudijs (Stanford) and Hans Joachim Voth (UPF and CREI)

"Credit, Investment and Growth in a Dirigist Economy: Medium term credit and the French Golden Age, 1950-1974," Eric Monnet (Paris School of Economics)

"The First Global Emerging Markets Investor: Foreign and Colonial Investment Trust 1880-1913," David Chambers (Cambridge) and Rui Esteves (Oxford)

Discussants: Peter Rousseau (Vanderbilt) and Marc Weidenmier (Claremont)

"German Jewish Émigrés and U.S. Invention” (Petra Moser, Alessandra Voena, and Fabian Waldinger)

EHA Sessions

Organizer: Ran Abramitzky (Stanford)

January 7th, 12:30 pm, Hyatt Regency, Skyway 265

Long Run Trends in Economic Development

Chair: Joel Mokyr (Northwestern)

"Military burden and the democracy puzzle," Mauro Rota (Rome)

"Persecution Perpetuated: The Medieval Origins of Anti-Semitic Violence in Interwar Germany," Hans Joachim Voth (UPF and CREI) and Nico Voigtlander (UCLA)

"Historical House Market in Beijing, 1645 to 1845," Se Yan (Peking)

Discussants: Michael Bordo (Rutgers) and Roy Mill (Stanford)

January 7th, 2:30 pm, Hyatt Regency, Skyway 265

Issues of Health and Well Being

Chair: Joseph Ferrie (Northwestern)

"Future Lessons from Past Epidemics? The Economics of Smallpox Vaccination in 19th Century Germany and France," Katharina Muelhoff (Mannheim)

"Careers, Family, and Satisfaction: Change over Time in Correlates of Women’s Subjective Well-being," Stacey Jones (Seattle)

"In-utero Exposure to the Korean War and Its Long-Term Effects on Economic and Health Outcomes," Chulhee Lee (Seoul National University)

"Public Health, Poverty Relief and Declining Fertility in American Cities: 1923 to 1932," Jonathan Fox (Max-Planck Institute) and Mikko Myrskyla (Max-Planck Institute)

Discussants: Yannay Spitzer (Northwestern), Joseph Ferrie (Northwestern), Chris Vickers (Northwestern), Lou Cain (Loyola and Northwestern)