ASSA 2003

ASSA January 2003
Cliometric Society Sessions

The Cliometric Society will sponsor three sessions at the ASSA meetings in Washington, D.C. January 3-5, 2003. The cocktail party will be held Saturday night, January 4th, from 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. in Mike Haupert's suite at at the Grand Hyatt.

Session 1: Death, Taxes, and Public Spending in Economic History
(Saturday, January 4, 8:00am, Convention Center, Room #9)

Chair: Price V. Fishback, University of Arizona

Session 2: Money, Banking and the Gold Standard
(Saturday, January 4, 10:15AM, Convention Center, Room #9)

Chair: Joseph Mason, Drexel University

Session 3: The Nature and Sources of Modern Economic Growth
(Saturday, January 4, 2:30PM, Convention Center, Room #9)

Chair: Lee A. Craig, North Carolina State University