ASSA 2002

ASSA January 2002
Cliometric Society Sessions

The Cliometric Society will sponsor three sessions and a cocktail party for Members and Friends at the ASSA meetings in Atlanta, Georgia, January 5-7, 2002.

Session 1: The Impact of Deflation: A Historical View (Saturday, Jan. 5, 8:00am, Hilton-Cabinet Room)

Session 2: Life, Death, and Work: An Economic History of Race and Labor Markets in Twentieth Century America (Saturday, Jan. 5, 10:15am, Hilton-Cabinet Room)

Session 3: The Development and Origins of the Federal Reserve System and Its Impact on Financial Markets (Saturday, Jan. 5, 2:30pm, Hilton-Cabinet Room)

Clio Cocktail Party: Saturday, January 5, 8-11 p.m., North Carolina State Suite, Hilton Hotel.