ASSA December 1990
Cliometric Society Sessions

Lee J. Alston (University of Illinois), Wayne Grove (University of Illinois), David C. Wheelock (University of Texas): Structural Causes of Rural Bank Failures in the Twenties: Parallels with the Eighties

Timothy F. Bresnahan (Stanford University), Daniel M.G. Raff (Harvard University): Intra-Industry Heterogeneity, Composition Effects, and the Supply Response to the Great Depression: Lessons from a Seven-Industry Panel

Susan B. Carter (University of California-Riverside): Plant Turnover and Labor Market Dynamics in Late Nineteenth Century Manufacturing: Evidence from Milwaukee

Robert Higgs (Seattle University): Wartime Prosperity during World War II?

Adam B. J. Klug (Princeton University): The Theory And Practice of Reparations And American Loans To Germany: 1925 - 29

Lawrence Kryzanowski (Concordia University), Gordon S. Roberts (Dalhousie University): Market Value Accounting and the Solvency of the Canadian Banking System, 1922-1940

Robert A. Margo (Vanderbilt University): The Competitive Dynamics of Racial Exclusion: Employment Segregation in the South, 1900-1950

Anthony Patrick O'Brien (Lehigh University): Was Ford the First Modern Manufacturing Corporation?

William H. Phillips (University of South Carolina): When Two Worlds Collide: War and the Family Economy at Newry Mill Town

William A. Sundstrom (Santa Clara University): Strikebreaking and Racial Exclusion by American Labor Unions: A Bargaining Approach

Warren Whatley (University of Michigan), Gavin Wright (Stanford University): Getting Started in the Auto Industry: Black Workers at the Ford Motor Company, 1918-1947